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In 2004, the China-Japan Women’s Interport Table Tennis Friendship Match, the National Women’s Boxing Competition, the "Dakang Cup" Zhejiang Province 6th Table Tennis Club Competition, the 2nd China Table Tennis Association "Shuaikang Cup" Children's Table Tennis Competition, etc.;

In 2005, the National U-17 Football League, the "Dakang Cup" Shaoxing Youth Basketball Game, the 9th Shangyu City Games, etc.;

In 2006, the 3rd International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament of National Dragon Boat Month, the 6th Dakang Sports Cup Men’s Football Game hosted by Huzhou Sports Bureau, the Bocce Annual Meeting held by Zhejiang Sports Bureau in Anji, Shaoxing City Sixth Games, etc.;

In 2007, Zhejiang Youth Athletics Championships, "National Fitness and Olympic Games" large-scale mass event to welcome the first anniversary of the Olympic Games, EU-China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Fair, Xinchang Gymnasium construction, Zhejiang Province National Fitness Conference, etc.;

In 2008, the "Dakang Cup" Shangyu municipal organs welcomed the Olympics "Promoting Health" Games, "Dakang Cup" badminton games, etc.;

In 2009, in love with the Red Revolution, donated fitness equipment, the "Dakang Cup" basketball game, and the "Dakang Cup" table tennis game to the old base.

In 2010, the May Fourth Youth Street Basketball Tournament, the 10th Shangyu Games "Dakang Cup" Table Tennis Friendship Invitational Tournament, etc.

In 2011, Shaoxing City's fourth vocational school students "Dakang Sports Cup" "Three-player" basketball game, "Dakang Cup" the first disabled Chinese chess competition, etc.

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