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Corporate culture

Dakang concept
Corporate culture

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Dakang concept

dakangCorporate slogan:Life is well-off, fitness with Dakang

Business objectives:Efforts to build China's first brand of outdoor fitness equipment

Corporate purposes:Integrity, innovation, harmony and pragmatism

Business philosophy:Seek happiness for employees and create value for society

Corporate Service Concept:Let purchasers rest assured, let managers worry, let users feel comfortable

Corporate motto:Don't make excuses for failure, just think of ways for success

Enterprise "Four Thousand Spirit":Thousands of words, thousands of hardships, do everything possible, thousands of mountains and rivers

Business heart:Time is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and our hearts are surging. The establishment of the Dakang brand relies on high-quality products, excellent management and perfect after-sales service system. The certificates and awards have condensed the hard work and sweat of the Dakang people, poured the true feelings and love of the Dakang people, and interpreted the spirit and beliefs of the Dakang people. Every progress and every qualitative leap made by Dakang is the crystallization of all Dakang people sowing hope, sweat and selfless dedication. We are fully aware that what we are engaged in is a business that is related to the health of the people and affects thousands of households. Therefore, safety, green and fashion are the eternal themes of Dakang products. Life is endless and exercise is not stopped. Dakang people will still actively respond to the call of "National Fitness Campaign" put forward by the State Sports General Administration, vigorously advocate the construction of "National Fitness Project", in line with "Reassuring purchasers, letting managers worry about "Users are comfortable" service concept. Strive to pursue the harmonious development of employees, the company, and society, and become a healthy enterprise with customer satisfaction, employee yearning, and social respect.

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