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1. Jinxiang Town, Cangnan, Wenzhou, was severely hit by Typhoon Sangmei, and the company actively provided financial assistance within its capacity upon hearing the news.

2. Invest 1 million to establish the "Dakang Educational Scholarship Fund" to commend and encourage outstanding teachers and students in the economically underdeveloped areas of Yunan Mountain.

3. Donate fitness equipment such as table tennis tables and basketball stands to Chengdu special education schools and local schools, and continue to support physical education in local schools.

4. Invest 1 million to establish the Dakang Municipal Mass Sports Activity Fund, dedicated to the city's national fitness exercise;

5. Actively show love for the Wenchuan earthquake.

6. Participate in the Guizhou charity activities organized by the Red Cross, donate sports equipment, books, school supplies, etc. to Qiannan Mountain, benefiting more than 1,000 local primary and middle school students;

7. During the New Year's and holidays, local elders, widows and poor groups will be sympathized. During the Chongyang Festival, Spring Festival and other festivals, local elders can enjoy the welfare benefits given by Dakang;

8. Invest 1 million to establish the "Dakang Party Member Care Fund", which is specifically used to improve the daily lives of old Party members in the old revolutionary areas of the township.

9. The company was awarded "Shaoxing City Sports Industry Contribution Award" and "China Sports Industry Contribution Award"

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