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Founded in 2002, Dakang Sports is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers to participate in the development and production of outdoor fitness equipment. It has witnessed the entire process of outdoor fitness equipment replacement. The company is headquartered in Yingtai Building, Wangchong Road, Chengbei Commercial District, Shangyu District. It is a domestic large-scale sports system complete equipment supplier and service provider integrating project design, product development and production, after-sales service, and brand operation. The company specializes in R&D, production and sales of national fitness path equipment, national second-generation smart fitness equipment, educational equipment, multi-functional cage sports fields, cage football fields, disassembly swimming pools, plastic sports field paving, smart fitness trails, rehabilitation equipment and children Amusement facilities and other products.

The company has multiple production bases across the country, among which the production base of Shangyu Headquarters is located in the national Hangzhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone. The factory area is equipped with a variety of large-scale digital mechanical equipment, imported OTC mechanical welding hands, and internationally advanced approved by the environmental protection department. Phosphating heat treatment process equipment, high-tech environmental protection automatic non-toxic spraying assembly line and a complete set of product testing and inspection equipment. The first-class production equipment, perfect technological process and scientific management system fully guarantee the excellent quality and safe use of Dakang products.

Dakang Company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise in 2018. Dakang products were rated as Zhejiang Famous Brand Products for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Dakang participated in the drafting of the "National Major Product Classification Product Category Core Metadata No. 7 Part: National Standards for Sporting Goods, National Standards for Technical Specifications for After-sales Service of Fitness Equipment, National Standards for "General Requirements for Safety of Cage Football Seine Facilities", "General Requirements for Second-Generation Outdoor Fitness Equipment" Group Standards, etc., Dakang" The trademark is recognized as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province. Since its establishment 18 years ago, the company has established its own marketing channels in various provinces and cities across the country through excellent product quality and a good corporate image, and has a large number of loyal partners.

The sky is healthy, and the gentleman strives for self-improvement. Dakang people will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "integrity, innovation, harmony and grandeur", follow the business philosophy of "creating happiness for employees and creating value for society", and continue to meet customer needs with high-quality products and services, and do things with heart. committed to. Dakang will unremittingly take the road of product innovation and development, resolutely abide by and obey the requirements of the NCSS certification system, put people first, scientific management, and further enhance the core competitiveness of product technology, while continuing to promote brand strategy and brand building, and wholeheartedly take the national health cause as its own responsibility , Forge ahead, and make continuous efforts to realize that Dakang will eventually become a well-known sports company with "customer satisfaction, employee yearning, and social respect" and its listing vision!


Dakang Technology R&D Center was established in May 2006. The center has R&D talents who are proficient in professional technology and has rich scientific research experience. The center focuses on the development of new differentiated fitness products and environmentally friendly technology materials and technologies. Develop fitness products suitable for market demand. Make full use of central resources and combine advanced scientific and technological achievements to organize trial production, continue to research and innovate key technologies in production during trial production, and provide enterprises with mature and supporting technologies, processes, equipment and new products.

   With the company's continuous investment in the center's technical strength, with an annual investment of 3 to 4 million yuan, the center's research and development strength has gradually increased. As of 2009, the center has nearly 420 square meters of research rooms, and the center has 33 personnel, accounting for 15% of the total number of employees. At the same time, the company hires experts from well-known universities outside the company to regularly guide the center's technical work, and continuously improve the technological content of our company's products, as well as technological transformation capabilities. So far, the company has authorized and accepted more than 100 product patents, and has been rated as Zhejiang Province Patent Demonstration Enterprise, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, and Shaoxing City High-tech Enterprise.
With the support of relevant leaders and experts, the center has successfully developed a number of scientific research results, which have been successfully transformed into productivity, achieved good social and economic benefits, and won praise from all walks of life. The center was named Shaoxing Municipal Science and Technology Development Center in 2011.


                                Equipment Testing and Experiment Center


                                         Main testing equipment

(1) Programmable smoke tester DKTY-62: adopts salt spray corrosion method to test the reliability of the tested sample. ,

(2) High and low temperature test chamber DKTY-60: components and materials are tested under the conditions of high temperature and low temperature (alternating) cycle changes. ,

(3) Xenon lamp aging test chamber DKTY-61: The xenon arc lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum is used to reproduce the destructiveness existing in different environments.


         (1)                                  (2)                                (3)

(4) Electronic universal testing machine DKTY-63: used for testing various mechanical properties of various metal materials and non-metal materials, with powerful data analysis and processing functions. ...

(5) Comprehensive fatigue testing machine DKTY-58: used to measure the fatigue characteristics of metals, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed connections, etc.) at room temperature under tension, compression or alternating tension and compression loads , Fatigue life, pre-crack and crack growth test. …

(6) Impact testing machine DKTY-59: a tester used to measure the resistance of metal materials to impact under dynamic load, so as to judge the quality of the material under dynamic load.


       (4)                           (5)                           (6)

(7) Rockwell hardness tester DKTY-65: Relying on magnetic force to adsorb the Rockwell hardness tester on the surface of steel, without supporting the sample, the test accuracy meets the standards of GB/T230 and ISO6508.

(8) Brinell hardness tester DKTY-66: used for hardness measurement of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and soft alloys.

(9) Hardness Tester DKTY-64-1: It is an instrument for measuring the hardness of objects.


          (7)                                (8 )                                   (9)

(10) Hardness Tester DKTY-64-2: It is an instrument for measuring the hardness of objects. ,

(11) Electronic balance DKTY-57: used to weigh the mass of objects. ▫

(12) Height gauge DKTY-10: The main purpose is to measure the height of the workpiece. It is also often used to measure the shape and position tolerance dimensions, and sometimes it is also used for marking.


       (10)                            (11)                         (12)

(13) Digital illuminance meter DKTY-67: measuring range 1Lux~50,000Lux 2. High accuracy and fast response. ,

(14) Welding inspection ruler DKTY-33: A special measuring tool used to measure the bevel angle of the welded parts, the width and height of the weld, and the welding gap. It is suitable for products and components with high welding quality requirements, such as boilers and pressure vessels. Wait. ,

(15) Dial indicator DKTY-29: The general linear displacement (linear motion) is converted into the rotary motion of the pointer through a gear or a lever, and then the reading is performed on the dial.


         (13)                            (14)                                    (15)

(16) Shore hardness tester DKTY-64-2: Determine the hardness of vulcanized rubber and plastic products. ,

(17) Tachometer DKTY-48: used to measure the rotation speed, linear speed or frequency of the motor. ,

(18) Torque wrench DKTY-53: used in assembly lines that have strict requirements on the tightening process, so that the torque value of each fastener of the product is consistent, and the quality of the produced product is guaranteed.


         (16)                            (17)                                (18)


(19) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge DKTY-47: It can measure the thickness of metals and other various materials, and can measure the sound velocity of materials. …

(20) Digital push-pull force meter DKTY-50: used for thrust and pull test. ,

(21) Roughness tester DKTY-47: It can be widely used in the detection of various metal and non-metal processing surfaces. This instrument is a pocket-sized instrument integrated with the sensor host. It has handheld characteristics and is more suitable for use on the production site . The shape is designed with drawn aluminum mold, which is sturdy and durable, and has remarkable anti-electromagnetic interference ability, which conforms to the new design trend of today.


          (19)                             (20)                                   (21)

(22) Coating Thickness Gauge DK-TY52: It can measure the thickness of the non-magnetic coating on the magnetic metal substrate and the thickness of the non-conductive coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate non-destructively. The coating thickness gauge has the characteristics of small measurement error, high reliability, good stability, and easy operation. It is an indispensable testing instrument for controlling and ensuring product quality. ,

(23) Vernier caliper DKTY-09: a measuring tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameter, and depth. ▫ ▫

(24) Digital push-pull force meter DKTY-49: used for push and pull test, suitable for push-pull load test of electronic appliances, construction hardware, fire fighting equipment, power machinery, scientific research institutions and other industries.


          (22)                             (23)                              (24)

(25) Inner diameter indicator table DKTY-28: Used to measure the aperture. ,

(26) Steel square DKTY-16: used to measure whether the angle is a right angle. ,

(27) Universal angle ruler DKTY-20: use the principle of vernier reading to directly measure the angle of the workpiece or draw a line.


           (25)                            (26)                                   (27)

(28) Vernier caliper DKTY-10: used to measure length, inner and outer diameter, and depth. ,

(29) Steel ruler DKTY-15: The simplest length measuring tool. ▫ ▫

(30) Paint film impactor DKTY-34: used to test the damage degree of the paint film after being impacted. It fully meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T1732-93 for this instrument. It has the advantages of novel shape, simple structure and convenient operation. .


         (28)                             (29)                          (30)


(31) Outside micrometer DKTY-03: a more precise length measurement than vernier calipers. …

(32) Test rod DKTY-68: used for testing. ,

(33) Standard sling DKTY-69: light weight, easy to use, no damage to the surface of the object to be lifted, stable lifting, high safety and strength, bright colors to improve labor efficiency, cost saving, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and wide use.


          (31)                        (32)                                (33)


(34) Caliper with meter DKTY-01: Use the rack gear to drive the pointer to display the value. There is a rough scale on the main ruler. Combined with the indicator reading, it is faster and more accurate than the vernier caliper. ,

(35) Noise meter DKTY-31: used to know the magnitude of noise.


         (34)                              (35)



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